When I feel upset, I always like to stay in my world. The longer way I go, the more I feel confused. Is this all I want? Is this the dream which I wanna pursue? I know I am the person who is unwilling to be left behind the others, I always wanna be a winner. This could be my advantage, and it could also be my shortcomings. I feel very stressful of my study, and it seems endless to my life.
     Even I am trying hard to resolve my burden, but it seems enomorous to me.  There is a classmate asked me why I can not finish my report ON TIME, and she can not realize the reason.  Even I know the reason, but I just can not defense for myself.   Because it is the same reason she had, but, she felt everything is going well.

I know there is no way to have excuses.
     It seems everything is just too heavy to me, I am not sure if I could put everything upon my hand.  The more I want to seek, the more relation I lose.   Everything seems just like a flash to me, and it is too fast and cruel to me.

    There is always something I can not face to myself.  I am  the person who always want to hide behind my apprehension.   In the other hand, there is a reason why I do not like to show "RealMe".   Frankly, I feel exhausted about my unperfect performance.  Everything seems less satisfied to me.  It is time to find a better way, otherwise, it will get worse.

I really need a VOCATION to release my pressure.
Hopefully it will come sooner, I will try to keep my books away from me!!!

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